New Virtual Experiences During COVID-19

Staying Hopeful

I wanted to share how I have been keeping hope alive in my heart and soul during COVID-19.

Specifically, by expanding my reach with new virtual experiences.

Beginning in the spring with my first “live” recorded internet event with Sam Piercell, a fitness entrepreneur, from Windsor, Ontario.

F45 "Live" Event: 
Community Resilience with Dr. Andrea Dinardo

Resilience Habits & Routines

Community members asked stress, wellness, and psychology questions in real time.

Throughout the resilience seminar, I also shared daily habits and thought patterns keeping me healthy during the pandemic.

Optimism, hope, and humour are key factors in health, happiness, and resilience.

Optimism Bootcamp The Drive Magazine

Sharing Our COVID Experiences

Since then, I have been interviewed virtually by:

  1. Dr. Katherin Garland on Mental Health Matters (watch: video interview).
  2. Candace Sampson on What She Said Radio (watch: video interview).

We discussed situational and pandemic anxiety, health and positive psychology, time and energy management, social media boundaries, resilience, and thriving under pressure.

2020 “Stretch” Goals

  • GOAL: Stay Connected to each other in new and novel ways.
  • HOW: Interactive LIVE “Q & A” conversations in real time.

Adapting to the New Normal

In the past, online interactions were “an extra” to everyday conversation.

Now “the virtual life” is a necessity for both our personal and professional lives.

An important and crucial way to stay connected to both our dreams and each other.

2020 is the World’s Classroom

1. What It's Like to Be a Professor During Global Pandemic
2. "Live" Online Psychology Class

Hope and Change

“Adapt or Die” may sound harsh.

But adaptation is truly what’s being asked of us in every area of our lives right now.


So I figure I might as well jump right in!

Because I would rather ride the wave, than have the wave ride me. 🌊

What’s Next?

VIRTUAL KEYNOTE: Healthy Workplace Awards

42 thoughts on “New Virtual Experiences During COVID-19

Add yours

  1. Andrea, I love your attitude about the waves.

    Praying you are staying healthy and well.

    Also I have nominated you for the Vincent Ehindero Blogger Award.

    Stay safe!

    1. Thanks for watching our “live interview” VJ ☀️

      As a fellow teacher, your feedback is everything.

      Being practical in life and advice is my mission.

      Baby steps. Daily.

      Pragmatic are our middle names.

  2. Andrea, you’re amazing! I’ve just now finished watching the recorded zoom call and I LOVED IT!

    You’re so natural, refreshingly down to earth, so motivating and I relate so deeply with all you said.

    Honestly, I got so much out of your words, it was like I was right there in your kitchen with you!

    Love what you said about the importance of routine, of embodying the moment and making the best of this time, as hard as it is.

    We can all be resilient and our best but it’s always a choice isn’t it.

    Thank you for being a wonderfully motivating light.

    I feel blessed to be connected to you.

    Love and hugs from down under. xx 💕😍

    1. Words cannot describe how grateful I am that you outlined the moments that resonated with you!! 🇦🇺💕


      For April 20, I have been hired by the Student Council at St. Clair College to produce an original video for 2020 college graduates on keeping hope alive and staying resilient in a COVID19 economy.

      And now I know which points to emphasize thanks to reflections on the zoom video:

      Love what you said about the importance of routine, of embodying the moment and making the best of this time, as hard as it is. We can all be resilient and our best but it’s always a choice isn’t it.”


      Thank you my Aussie friend. Once again, your energy and generosity expands my own. 🌎🙏☀️

      1. I’m so very glad. And congrats to you.

        They’ve hired and chosen well.

        Honestly Andrea, that casual conversation in your home is probably the most down to earth yet enlightening and hope filled one I’ve heard online.

        And I mean that from the bottom of my heart. ❤️

        Yes, full circle hope. 🙏🌎

        1. Oh my goodness Miriam. Thank you for embracing my authenticity! I couldn’t help but be myself on that zoom call. Kitchen parties are the best parties after all…


  3. I like that resilience circle and the wave surfing imagery.

    One of my favorite things to do when the waves aren’t too crazy is to either diver under them of let them lift me up. The idea is to not let them crash right on top of you, knock you down or drag you. Getting a little beyond the crashing place helps.

    It reminds me of not putting ourselves in the middle of high risk situations, but seeking that place that gives us a little challenge and time to just float.

  4. 2020 has been a difficult year …being locked down…physically distanced from friends..relations.

    Online conversations have been the only means of contact.

    This year has tested human resilience like nothing else had done ever before…some responded well while some others did collapse.

    I myself found internet to be a big saviour..not for communicating but for being creatively busy…have written more than what I had done in the rest of my life put together.

    I have taken to online learning of German language…picked up some soap making….all this and more while still doing my professional work with full dedication.

    I have also learnt to remain detached…not to put the pressure of my expectations on someone.

    You always strike the right chord Dr Andrea.

    Stay blessed 🙏😇

  5. Adapting to the ‘new normal’ has been a challenge. When the first lockdown in the UK happened I was determined to be positive on get through this.

    Second lockdown it got more difficult, it felt like being beat on when I was starting to think I’d got over the worst.

    My life has been adapting to the changes – getting used to having young children constantly around wanting attention while working, spending less time on social media (I don’t need negativity and conspiracy theories!) and also putting myself first as I figure if I don’t look after my wellbeing then I’m no use to anyone else.

    Thank you for sharing 🙂

    1. Thank you for reading and sharing your experiences James!

      You help me reflect on my own priorities on the ‘battle field’ of covid – more often in my mind than in reality.

      Ours are very similar.

      1) Avoid superfluous information overload (the broadcasters and social media’rs are just trying to get likes and attention)

      2) Stay Hopeful & Positive (this too shall pass)

      3) Continually re-focus on TOP 3 priorities

      – something I talk 60 seconds into the video below:

      Everything beyond my TOP 3 priorities.. is an “extra” in COVID-19.


    1. Right?!

      thanks for watching the video

      I call it “stress/pandemic amnesia”…

      The instant stress hits, we forget all we’ve overcome in years gone by.

      It may feel like a century in the moment, but one day, we’ll look back and realize it was only a moment in time.

      That’s why I love your writing so much Mitch!


  6. Even in my military Warrant Officer Candidate School, we are using virtual learning for those who may have been exposed to COVID-19 so they can remain on-track with us. The world is changing, and I think a lot of good is coming out of some of the new habits we’re learning. It takes adjusting, but as resilient creatures, we have the capacity. We just need the drive.

    1. I love your attitude and approach to the pandemic!

      Especially ow how your work in military is transitioning in COVID-19. It opens my eyes to all the incredible learning and adapting that is going on worldwide.

      ” The world is changing, and I think a lot of good is coming out of some of the new habits we’re learning. It takes adjusting, but as resilient creatures, we have the capacity. We just need the drive.”

      I am 100 on board with this ^ perspective.

  7. Long time Andrea, good to meet up again.
    Hope all is well. All ok here so far🙏.

    Now it’s time to catch up with your posts
    and to copy your helpful diagrams in my journal.

    Take care 🙂🙏❤️💁🏻‍♀️☘️

  8. I was scrolling through your blog and decided to re-read this. And what struck me today is adapting to new norms, learning to ride the wave cause the waves keep coming. We gotta dance the dance of life. And a good solid ‘fill your cup’ routine is essential to riding the waves, resilience and feeling well in utter chaos.

    I do like to re-read as I always find some other gem to contemplate.

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