Empowering Conversations About Change

The Psychology of Change

During this week’s health psychology lecture, we talked about the psychology of change, including the parts of our lives that remain ‘unchanged’ during rapid and unexpected change.

What Remains During Change?

  1. The Sun Still Rises
  2. Coffee Tastes Delicious
  3. Trees Greet You on Your Walk
  4. Favourite Movie Still Delights
  5. Bed is Comfie at the End of the Day
  6. Street You Live on Hasn’t Changed
  7. Love for Family and Friends Endures

Anchoring Exercise

Make a list of what remains consistent in times of rapid change and use it as a grounding technique at the start and end of each day. In doing so, you anchor and ground yourself in a sense of knowing and trust in your built-in strengths and happiness.

Psychology Videos on Change

How to Embrace Change

Motivation to Change

Anchor Yourself During Rapid Change

“Flying starts from the ground up. The more grounded you are, the higher you fly.”

17 thoughts on “Empowering Conversations About Change

  1. Anchors that hold me to the present–like the sun still rises, sleep is still a break in doing, and friends.

    But even in the midst of all this, there are days when none of those really anchor because, in the midst of change, they can morph into unsafe things. Jesus is really the only anchor that is reliable–the same yesterday, today, and forever.

    Not wanting to get preachy, but I have found that during this pandemic, people are a lot less reliable. Not a loss–a reality. Makes me more aware of how I show up. How I need to care for others.

    Thanks for your hope-filled encouragement. You know your stuff, my friend.

    1. Perhaps one of the reasons people are less reliable now is that we really have no idea the burdens people manage quietly, on their own. Something they could do more easily before the pandemic. And still be available for our needs.

      Truth be told Dayle, I am experiencing this dynamic with a sibling right now, and I have to be really honest with her about what I can and cannot help her with anymore. She gets it. Thank God.

      My availability before the pandemic is not the same as what it is now. My job now is 40 percent more complicated than it was before.

      But though it is painfully hard for me to say no to being available like before the pandemic, I have no choice because of the triple burdens in my own life now helping my 300 students adapt to in person learning with masks, 24/7 cleaning, and ongoing fears.

      Which is why I start and end each psychology class with WHAT’S STRONG instead of what wrong. It helps us stay focused on what matters.

      Thank you also Dayle for ongoing encouragement too! You always get me thinking ….

      1. You know, Andrea, you have a lot on your plate. 300 students are the substance of your work. Family relations often don’t get what we have as responsibilities. I really respect you drawing some boundaries. You have a remarkable amount of strength and perseverance.

  2. I love it! Such a unique view to something generally regarded as depressing. Well done Dr. Andrea, truly. We are the beneficiaries of both your wisdom and knowledge, to say nothing of your energy. Blessings, Peter.

  3. This is a wonderful reflection, to stay grounded and anchored in times of change. Lots of great ideas that for me come back to my connection with nature and the soul constants of the sun rising and setting and even the seasonal changes of the flowers growing. We’re all connected and all share common ground in many ways. Thank you my friend for your wisdom as always. Sending you much love and blessings from afar. ❤️🙏

    1. Amen to the anchoring and grounding effects of nature during rapid change Miriam.

      If you look at the chalkboard in the post you will see “The Sun Still Rises” ⛅️☀️

      This ^ was my contribution to the health psychology exercise.

      Feeling your love and blessings across the ocean. Thank you for continuing to show up for me, here and with each new day.

      In this together takes on a whole new meaning! 🇨🇦🇦🇺❤️

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