You hold the key.


Even though we often have little control over the “outside forces” in our lives, we can always make a positive difference – from the inside out.

Start here. Right here. Right now. Be still. Breathe in gratitude. Be thankful for this very moment. Start small. Notice your passing thoughts. Let go.

Awareness empowers.

Notice the exact time it is right now. Say today’s date out loud. Look up at the sky. Wink at the clouds. Stomp your feet on the floor. Smile with gusto.

Slowly bring yourself back to this moment.

Grab onto the coffee mug you are holding. Inhale the rich scent of the sumatra you are drinking. Feel the warmth of each passing breath.

Feel the texture of the clothes you’re wearing. Wake up to the sound of your voice. Whisper. Sing. Shout it out!


Dance a little dance. Stand up tall. Anything and everything that shifts you from outer space to inner spirit. From not enough to overflowing.

Positive change begins within.

Come back to yourself. Back to the grace of your magnificent spirit. Into the beauty of your incredible form. Feel the rhythm of your beating heart. Sense the pulse of life itself. 


Everything you need to transform yourself and the world already exists within you. You matter. You truly matter. But you have to believe it to see it. Feel it to know it. One gentle, uplifting thought at a time.

You hold the key.

26 thoughts on “You hold the key.

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  1. Oh Andrea! You so speak the truth, as far as I’m concerned … this is my knowing, to become self aware, to choose the love by being really present right now, to lift up and transform ourselves inwardly.

    You are such a gift, and I am grateful to find you in this world of blogging! 🙂
    ps – I just took 3 deep breaths and took a big whiff of my (excellent) green tea. Thanks for that.

  2. I love this post! Thank you so much for sharing. When life starts to take on a threatening speed of its own I need these reminders to just stop and breathe. Thanks
    With Respect, Hope, Joy and Love, Carmela

  3. I like the phrase: “Everything you need to change the world already lies within you!” It is true that by coming back to ourselves we find the strength we’ve been been searching for. Within us is the power the world has been waiting for!

      1. It is you who post great content that is irresistable, I really enjoy reading your motivational writings.

    1. Thank you Brigid! I was inspired to write this post for a friend who was struggling to find their way through a tough situation. Even though we often have little control over “outside forces”, we can always make a positive impact on our lives from the “inside out.” 💫

  4. Hi Andrea. I am doing a post for International Womens Day next week and would like to add a link to this post. Is that Ok? I am doing a shout out for a some of favourite bloggers.

  5. Thank you for the follow, seeing the content you write about is right up my street so had to follow back!

    I think one of the important things I remember hearing in relation to ensure I stay positive is “There is no such thing as a positive or negative situation, just how the individual chooses to perceive it”

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