Celebrate how far you’ve come.


Today let’s celebrate all the dreams that came true.

Merely an idea 5 years ago.

It’s so easy to get lost in our hopes and motivations for the future.

Without realizing how many of our aspirations we’ve already achieved.

Together let’s honour how far we’ve come.

Only then will we have the fuel + the faith to keep reaching for our North Stars.

Again and again and again.. 🙏💛 🚀💫

Don’t Give Up!

You are closer than you know. ✨

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40 thoughts on “Celebrate how far you’ve come.

  1. This is beautiful, Andrea––and to me, look at how far YOU’VE come. From a thriving blog, to a TedX talk (what?! 🙂 ), to a YouTube channel…and I’m sure a lot more. Thank you for your presence, and for sharing your wisdom time after time.


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  2. Absolutely, doctor. I want to write a hundred stories about my MCs. I’ve got 27 done though and working on number 28. I know I’ll get there but I’m very appreciative for having gotten this far. I can only imagine how tough it is to be on the mental health journey. I applaud the great work you are doing and your positive influence. The world can never have enough positivity!

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  3. Andrea:

    I don’t suffer disappointments. I count each and every dream, whether a success or failure, as a gift. I count each day as an opportunity.
    I have inside my head the faces and names of people who died before their time. These are real people in my world, and without depressing everyone with the facts let’s say we were very close.
    No matter what life brings me, I always remember that I am the lucky one.
    I am the one that is here, to dream dreams or to live them. To watch them fly or crash.
    Here to witness the beauty of the world and to help one another through hardships.
    These are the most precious driving forces in my life.
    That I may seek to make the most of every day that has been denied those less fortunate.
    To live dreams and beauty and life itself on their behalf.

    Seek peace,


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    1. “ I am the one that is here, to dream dreams or to live them. To watch them fly or crash.
      Here to witness the beauty of the world and to help one another through hardships.”

      I love how you live Paz. So much peace in your words & ways. Grateful for once again for how your comments elevate my posts. Your writing is meditative to read. Thank you Paz 🙏☀️

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  4. You offer such an excellent reality check. Thank you! My current life was only in the dream phase of a plan five years ago – which I have since completed. Current disappointments pale in the face of what I have made happen since 2015. Perhaps I am also more comfortable planning for the future – and its challenges – than actually embracing the results of past efforts. Maybe taking them for granted too soon. An interesting perspective.

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    1. My pleasure! I am grateful that you took the time to read, watch, and comment. 💭🤍

      Your examples bring home this post even more. Seeing how much we are all “on the same page” Literally!

      I especially love how you refer back to “the dream phase” five years ago.

      So much has been overcome for both of us.. “Lest us not forget”.

      Thank you for the full circle wake up call to not take “our dreams achieved” for granted!

      Including big ones like the house I’m living in + small ones like this iPad I am blessed to type this message on. The blueprints + this technology but a dream… so many years ago. 🎁❤️

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      1. Thanks for your feedback – we all do have so much more in common than not. And yes technology was once a dream too. Although it is not always considered a positive – in this case it is a powerful connection for so many. A definite plus.

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  5. For me life has thrown a few disappointing situations that in the past would of derailed me

    Just being able to focus, find center and let go reminds me how deep a hole I climbed out of

    Hard not to judge but we can release all those expectations and Ego desires that bring loss

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    1. Thank you VJ 🙏💛
      I was met with some disappointment over a mental health speech I was to give to 300 high schoolers on February 6. Due to a labour dispute, it had to be cancelled for the second time.
      It took some time to move from disappointment to acceptance to gratitude for dreams already achieved. Underscored by this post and video,
      Celebrating our blogging community is top on my list!
      This includes you! 🎊💖

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      1. There is lots of disappointment going around due to the current strikes – except here as my grandparenting time has skyrocketed, lol. In my eyes you have achieved so much since we first met here – blips are expected.

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    1. Laughing out loud as I read your comment Miriam! One more reason to leave little breadcrumbs of all the goodness on the trail behind us. Ultimately fortifying us for what lies ahead. And for you: I picture a stack of Australian travel magazines filled with all the creative genius you’ve poured into them. Have a magnificent Friday! 🇦🇺📖💙

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  6. If I’m given a new day then my dreams are still alive. Despite the disappointments that occur, I really believe that each new day brings us closer to realizing our dreams. Thank you, Andrea and stay inspired 🙂

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          1. You are so welcome! I love knowing that this post opened your beautiful eyes to all the wonderful that YOU HAVE CREATED to date.

            100 rungs on the ladder climbed so far. And who knows what this adversity is preparing you for… an elevator ride perhaps? You have come so far. This is only a bump in the road. You got this x 💯 🌈❤️☀️


      1. Oh my goodness Lionel, your words give me goosebumps.

        As overachievers, we can’t help but look forward to the next rung on the ladder. Forgetting the 100 rungs we’ve already climbed.

        Thank you too Lionel. Your words warm my heart on a cold winters morning.

        Andrea 💞

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